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First of all, thanks everyone for answers the poll. I have next one, will be interesting to see what you think.

Secondly, about two weeks ago I updated last two works. I change colors, lighting and add more details. I think it would be interesting to check out them (if you haven't already)

I have twitter account now: . I will post some process pics, some music links and some thoughts there. Also, will be great if you suggest some interesting people to read there, maybe artists.

Thats it, thanks for your attention.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for all HB greetings, I really appreciate it. Also thanks to :iconseaspryte: for DD suggest, it is a great birthday present, thank you, Jules :)

And I have one interesting question about beliefs in poll on page, it will be great to get your answers.

That's it, thank you again everyone.
Hi everyone.

I wanted to thank you for all feedback you give to me. I have no time to reply every comment, but you should know that I really appreciate them. Thank you.

And I made several improvements to my works. First of all I added some textures to bones and face on Medusa, so now she looks much better. And now Echo, Medusa and Sorceress available for print, so you can add them to your wishlist.

Also I added CGhub profile, and remembered that I have Facebook page.

That's it, thanks for watching and have a good day.